Monday, April 30, 2012

Toddler Chore Charts {Frugal Freebie}

Pin It I decided it was time for some new chore charts for my 3 year old. I looked around on the web and pinterest then decided to make my own. I wanted something I could laminate and use weekly. With both photo's and text. And with check boxes. I figured why not share this with others in case they are looking for the same thing. I figured I can laminate them or even put them in frames and let her decorate the frames. If they are framed in or plastic you can check items off with an expo marker just as you can with laminating. Or if you want to print new ones weekly you can do that too.

Their are 4 pages in this PDF downloadable pack. 2 charts total (one for pet chores one with out) and charts in both black and white and color.

Download it HERE

If you would like a customized chore chart made please email me for more info! I'd love to hear your thoughts on these please feel free to comment!
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  1. I followed you over from TipJunkies link party. I've been looking for a chore chart just like the one you have. Thanks for sharing. Hope you'll come and visit and follow my blog if you like my projects.


    1. Fantastic Eva I hope they will be of good use to you. I'm working on smaller ones to go on a key ring to hang on the wall with individual cards for each chore. Check back soon for those!


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