Friday, April 27, 2012

Take your daughter to work day photos

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I didn't get as many photos as I would of liked, these two where awfully busy I felt I would get in the way. She mostly helped Daddy but she did wait on one table and was super excited to get a nice tip from them. The couple really enjoyed her. She asked them as they cleared the plates "did you like it" all stern like I was cracking up from my booth lol. She was a riot and has us laughing a lot.

Her favorite thing, the french fry cutter she was almost too short to reach it lol

It was really nice because she got to see what I do to (usually when the kids are in bed) I was working on the graphics for the restaurants new website and taking photos for the menu on the site. I talked to her about writing html, and how I make logos and such. Dad's stuff was way more interesting. He loved having a helper he was finished almost an hour early by having a little helper in the kitchen.
Taking menu shots was fun and made me hungry. Here is a little food eye candy for you.
Buffalo Chicken Salad YUM!


  1. Okay, that looks absolutely yummy! I am sure that you can make some sort of 'class' out of being at work with Dad and getting him done earlier more often!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! The food is delicious, so many nights I want to call in an order and NOT cook lol. His boss was so cute she asked her if she wanted a job in 11 years haha!


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