Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take your daughter to work day X2

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My 10 year old gets take your daughter to work day times 2 this year. As some of you know I do freelance graphic arts and such. I have also been working on things for my husbands work such as signs, menus, photography, publicity, and more recently setting up their website/blog. I am going in with the both of them for a little bit to do some website work and take some photos for the website. Food photography is my favorite! It will be interesting to work with both my husband and daughter tomorrow. She is very excited we had a employee shirt made up for her and got her some new shoes. I hope to get some good photos of the two of them working together. I will be showing her how mommy takes staged photos and how I place them on the website and talk to her about advertising and such. I know she sees some of what I do from home but I never give her tons of details. Who knows maybe she can start writing HTML for me lol. I hope the day gives her some real incite as to how hard Daddy works to provide for our family.

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