Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Food Friday

Pin It I often see these adorable lunches made by other moms. I usually sigh, and say to myself "some people have too much time on their hands" Then, I started showing my kiddos some of this food art and saw their little faces light up and realized nope, these are just moms coming up with creative ways to get their little ones to eat healthy. While I certainly don't have the time to do this daily I aim for once a week and "Fun Food Friday" was born.

My youngest little sweety going gaga for fruit kabobs

I found this fun little plate too, however it only linked to the photo and not a site to buy it. boo!
Now if you live under a rock and don't know what Pinterest is your missing out. While its a source for many many things, I have found quite a few "fun food" ideas. Here are the ones that made the cut. Some I have tried and some are just so crazy awesome that I had to share them.
The following are some of the best I have seen and they all come from this site
She has a real talent and tons and tons of cute foods and everything you need to know to make them.
Now this next one here is a little more my speed. I can't seem to find the original credit for this one. My youngest two went nuts over these when I made them with Nutella and used dried cranberries in place of raisins.
Now this is too cool, I can't find the original credit for this either (this is what happens when people pin photos and not blogs) To do this you cut oranges in 1/2 and take out the orange part, fill up the halves and slice like oranges after the jello sets. I plan to do this with limes and watermelon jello so that they look like little watermelon slices!

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