Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Because we can! {video}

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They where doing some water work in our area yesterday and needed to shut the water off for a few hours. Lucky us! They said we had about an hour before it would go off and that it would be back on before 5pm. We took a huge Rubbermaid bin and filled it with water. When I say huge I mean HUGE I could easily bathe two kids in it. I had to run to the store for a few things and I thought hmmmmm... Maybe the kids would enjoy bobbing for apples. Lets toss some school into it and talk about buoyancy and such. It was a lot of fun however, our tiny bathroom is not the best place to host Apple bobbing for 5 lol. I seemed to have miss placed my camera card once again so iPod pics are the best I could do. Which brings to light another question "why are those camera cards so stinking small" I lose them all.the.time. Logically one would return the camera card back to the camera after uploading but logic is sometimes lost on this overworked mama.

One thing I learned about this little fun moment is 3 year olds are cheaters lol. And quite frankly we didn't play by all the apple bobbing rules like removing the stems or blind folding. Blind folding was something I don't remember about apple bobbing but my husband swore he did. So you will have to tell me how you apple bobbed in your day.

We did a few little "sink or float" buoyancy activities but they didn't get to pull items out of the water with their teeth so it wasn't nearly as entertaining as the apple bobbing. We learned some things but mostly we all got really wet and laughed a lot. I'll call that a win!

We made a little video so we could show it to Daddy later.

Oh, and the apples where on sale for $2.99 so not only do we have fun, science but we have a healthy snack too

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