Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today I will talk about Fashion

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And if you know me, get past the laughter and read on.
My "fashion" or lack their of consists of the following items
-Long jean skirts
-Brown or gray Tshirts
-flip flops or crocs
-head scarves
-My wedding/engagement rings and my star sapphire ring my mom gave me on my 16th birthday
-earrings optional

In other words I am fashionless, I wear make up on rare occasions only and even then its just powder, maybe a light brown eye shadow and lip gloss.
My hair style is one of two styles Sloppy bun or head scarf

Lame, I know! I guess after being with my husband for 13 years, being a sahm for almost 8 years I just stopped trying along the way. Most days I stay home I actually wear my Grandmothers old moo moos or "house coats" as she called them. I swore I'd never wear ANYTHING like that but seriously don't knock em' unless you have tried them. They are comfy as ever and they even have pockets yay!

I have been losing weight and its inspired me to try to amp up my looks a bit. The first (and only step so far) was getting a hair cut. I have been rocking long hair and ponytails since highschool and I was ready for a change. I still wear it up in a messy bun but their is less of it at least. When we are going out I do try to wear it down and I flat iron it so it looks nice and sleek. I have VERY thick hair and it looks puffy if I don't.

I am severely make up and hair product challenged and I refuse to spend money on these things because I end up looking like an orange with stiff hair and its a waste.

Clothing is least of my worries I am pretty comfortable with what I do wear but am considering branching out to different colors. My absolute favorite color is brown, I hate light or pastel colors but I could consider some dark blues and greens, or maybe a maroon? I don't know I do have one pink/coral shirt I wear from time to time but it only made it in my closet because I like the material and it was on clearance for $1.99. "function before fashion" as my husband says.. it fits the purpose of being a comfortable shirt so we can overlook the color.

So help ladies.. I need a makeover BADLY... and of course it needs to be cheap!

I'm Hopping over to this blog hop. Hopping these fashioneastas can point me in the right direction!

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