Monday, April 23, 2012

A date night at home

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While everyone loves a good "Dinner and a Movie" date night on a budget that can be tricky. My husband and I recently went to see The Hunger Games and for the tickets, shared popcorn and drink it was around $40 (counting the dollar store candy I had stashed in my purse) When our kids where younger we went years with out a "Date Night" but now that we have a built in babysitter we can slip out now and then.

Pop pop a pop pop......
The one draw back of out of the house date nights, we never fully relaxed. We talk about the kids, call to check in. Worry about movie times, reservations etc. Most of all we missed our old days of date nights at home when the kiddos are in bed. Now if you google "date night at home" you will find all kinds of well detailed date night ideas but, we are simple folks.
Our most recent date night we dubbed "A twist on Trivia" and it was a lot of fun. Kinda turned Trivia into a poker game. We don't have poker chips so we used left over Easter m&m's and here is how you play
1. get out your favorite trivia cards and your m&m's or other "chip" (our cards usually come out of "Scene It" games)
2. Spilt the cards in 1/2 and keep them answer side up but not to where your husband can see them.
3. based on the Answers only, you bet "I bet you get 3 of these right" and your partner does the same.
4. The highest bet is 10 m&m's (set your own limits, no holds or raising)
5. if you both correctly guess how many each gets right the m&m's stay in the pot and play on
6. Otherwise who ever guessed correctly wins the pot.
Now this is a good game for married couples because your basically guessing how well you know your partner. And of course you are trusting your partner to be truthful (or you could right down your guess if your playing this with a friend or something)
Its pretty Tricky our cards all have 3 questions and I had a card that said Holocaust, Dow Chemical Company and He was an astronaut. I bet he would get 1 just because it was so random.
For more date night ideas check out this link

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