Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saving at Kroger!

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If your anything like our family aside from household bills this is where the bulk of the monthly budget goes. You have to eat so of course this is unavoidable. Now I'd love to be one of those super efficient mega couponing moms but I just don't have that kind of free time or dedication. Now those of you who can do it you get two thumbs up and a pat on the back from me. Now in our area our shopping choices are not that terrific. We don't even have a Target (for shame!) Our closest store is Kroger, followed by Walmart, Aldi and Riesbecks. I am not a huge fan of Walmart while they may have some good prices I never walk out with just food, and its a further trip to our Walmart than it is to our Kroger. Kroger also gives gas discounts so its kinda win win on that front.
As a self professed non coupon clipper the following tips are how I rack up the Kroger card savings

1. get to know the employees, They will give you that insider info as to when they do markdowns.
2. get a Kroger shoppers card, you will get the low prices listed on the yellow tags, and you get the fuel savings points.
3. with the fuel savings you get 10 cents off for every $100 you spend and some items will be marked that they are worth "double fuel points" usually gift cards or other promotional things they are doing
4. Set up a Kroger account online. Not only can you see the online ad before it hits your mail box but you can view online coupons and add them to your Kroger card.
5. If your lucky enough to have a Kroger "city store" you should have a clearance section. Its hit or miss but we have found great gifts, household items and cosmetics at great discount.
6. Look for the "managers special" stickers they will be on items that are nearing expiration and the prices are great especially if its meats your can freeze or items you go through quickly. A few weeks back they had 1/2 gallons of milk for 77 cents and they didn't expire for 3 more days. We go through a gallon a day so we bought 6 of them.
7. the discount bakery rack. Love it (even if my waistline doesn't) you can find cakes, breads and donuts for great prices. Everyone wants a sweet store bought treat now and then.
If you look at your receipts they total up your savings for the year and so far we have saved over $600 this year. (I wish I tally-ed how much we spent) I read the receipts carefully because your fuel points do expire after a set amount of time we like to build it up a bit and then do a full tank. Last month we used our fuel points and filled up our family beast for under $40 which is just about unheard of.
Now while Kroger gets most of our shopping love. We do spread out a bit and shop other places. I keep my eyes on advertisements and if I can stock up on something that is a great deal I don't fuss over the extra mileage.

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