Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16 of 31 days of Pinterest

Pin It I am always looking for creative ways for my 3 year old to help around the house. Her version of "helping" differs greatly from mine. She is still at that magic age where she asks to help and enjoys chores. My older 3 have shown me that it does not last forever so I am taking every bit of joy from my last little helper. I came across this pin and while its self explanatory their is no blog to attach credit to so I pixilized the child's face just in case it wasn't meant to be public though its been widely repinned.

I have not yet tried this with my little one but plan too as soon as I buy some yellow tape. She is all about yellow so I know that will make it 100 times better for her.

My first thoughts upon seeing this pic was "sneaky sneaky" the child is cleaning but thinks its all a game! WIN!

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